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Reflecting on Success: MCAA 2017

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Reflecting on Success: MCAA 2017 "April 10, 2017

How do you build a partnership — and an annual event — that remains fresh and new, even after a decade?

The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) 2017 Annual Convention coincided with the 10th anniversary of the MCAA/PCI partnership.

MCAA serves the unique needs of approximately 2,600 firms providing heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, piping, and mechanical services. The annual convention is a highly anticipated event that provides members education, camaraderie, and support, along with a glimpse into the future — exhibitors from across the country showcase new technologies poised to impact mechanical systems and engineering.

An annual conference is also the most visible and public expression of an organization’s unique brand and member value. For this reason, MCAA and PCI set out together every year to make the event bigger, better, and bolder than ever, with fresh approaches to video, live performances, staging, and graphic design. The energy and dynamic of the MCAA/PCI relationship propels and demands creativity — each organization challenging the other to come up with and embrace outside-the-box approaches, to enhance both attendee engagement and education.

This year’s theme “Reflecting on Success,” let PCI play with the concept of “reflection” in all aspects of design. Keynote speeches and videos reflected on past accomplishments and how the trade has evolved over time. The event logo took inspiration from the reflective surface of the convention’s venue. Even the stage design featured shimmering LED fabric that suggested reflection while showcasing imagery.

Highlights from MCAA 2017 include keynote speeches and guest appearances by Tom Stone, MCAA President; Mark Rogers, recipient of MCAA’s Distinguished Service Award; former House Speaker John Boehner; actress Goldie Hawn; astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly; and a special presentation by futurist Peter Diamandis, who shed a shining light on the vast opportunities that technology presents.

See some of our work and learn more about this annual event in the gallery below and in MCAA’s video recap:

It takes a village (and nearly an army) to support a high-end, complex event like this one. Many thanks to John Gentille, Sally Gentille, Cynthia Buffington, and everyone at MCAA who collaborated with us and, ultimately, put their faith in us. And a big shout-out to Scott Babcock for stage design, technical support, and show calling; Mike Kim and Austin Smokowicz for video production; Ugur Ozkardesler, Oz Coruhlu, and Collin Brideau for animation and digital design; Linda Lam, Clark Fairfield, and Ryan King for designing the logo and all print materials; and to Josh Golden for leading the creative direction and helping me manage the many moving parts during the planning process.

Here’s to a successful MCAA 2018 in San Antonio!

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